We share your values.

Elon Musk

“If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”

Elon Musk

Multiplicité leverages the collective talent, experience and insatiable curiosity of its directors, Mark and Dr Emily Verstege.

It embodies our passion for digital technology and data-driven, yet out-of-the-box thinking.

We are driven by a quest for innovation, to know how things tick and why and a passion to discover how to make things better. Innovation is not just about following a process, it’s a mindset. True innovation lies at understanding your existing business processes and a healthy sprinkling of rebellious instinct to discard old business clichés and improve what exists today. When led by evidence and a focus on engaging, effective user experience, innovation will lead to successful business outcomes.

Mark Verstege

Mark started out developing machine-learning software for the world’s biggest postal systems—US Postal Service, Royal Mail and Australia Post—boosting the speed and profitability of their systems. A move to the NBN Co was a chance to lend his data visualisation skills to complex spatial data and grow his enterprise architecture experience. Along the way, he co-founded ToyFoundry, an e-commerce start up for the mobile game industry. When you work with Multiplicité, you benefit from Mark’s quiet and curious thinking and passion for numbers. He’s a keen cyclist, outdoor sports enthusiast and dad.

Dr Emily Verstege

It’s hard to pigeonhole Emily. Emily is an internationally published research academic, whose post-doctoral work helped bring electronic survey methodology to a landmark Australian longitudinal study of nurses and doctors. She swapped her ivory tower for an evaluation consultant’s briefcase. A decade of analysing Commonwealth, state and territory public policies show her that insightful decision-making requires a broad perspective, great data, a passion for asking questions and a willingness to think big.

In a step of boldness, she co-founded ToyFoundry, an e-commerce start up for the mobile game industry. Multiplicité is an opportunity for Emily to help public sector organisations get awesome with digital. She’s known for her ability to quickly and incisively make complexity simple, and for the way she makes meaningful connections with clients, co-workers and stakeholders. Trail running preserves her sanity, and she demonstrates love to friends and family by cooking with whole foods.